Now it’s time for a break from the city
A plan to escape from
the stress of
daily life
Very special holiday experience
Your holiday paradise
Your new summer house concept
The summer has begun in Gündoğan

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Yıl En Yüksek.
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"Fugayaz Gündoğan Evleri", brings the hotel comfort in your house with its special landing, its elevator from the beach to your home, its design compatible with nature and housekeeping service. Metemtur, which implemented “Fuga fine Times” before, offers its habitants a hotel privilege with its new Project Fuga Yaz Evleri.

Technical Information:

  • 24 Hour security system for your peace of mind
  • Central generator so you are not affected by electricity cuts
  • Central water tank and purification system for hygienic and purification system for hygienic and continuous use of water
  • A hot-cold wrf intelligent climatization system concealed in mezzanine ceiling for each house
  • 24 hour health service

  • Smart House
  • Technology which helps you manage your house from wherever you are in the world
  • Electrical devices
  • Heating and cooling adjustments
  • Security systems
  • Your home telephone
  • Your computer
  • A house which awaits your instructions 12 months a year, thanks to wireless internet

  • Dousle glazing with comprehensive isolation capacity on windows
  • Heat and damp isolation material in compliance with international standards
  • Interior decoration details and wood material produced solely with techniques using solid wood and solid wood-plates (doors,skirting boards etc)
  • 1st class laminated natural wood parquet and natural stone used in flooring
  • Unique bathrooms designed within the modern mediterranean concept using world brands such as Duravit, Artema and Grohe and natural stone material
  • Italian kitchens produces in line with regional aesthetic values using import and world-standard brands
  • Specially designed jacuzzis in all homes, both indoors and outdoors

  • SPA: Spa room, sauna and changing area, Open rock jacuzzi.
  • Fitness: Fitness salon, changing areas and showers, resting terrace.
  • Restaurant and bar.
  • Kids' pool and play area.
  • Main pool.
  • Parking space for one vehicle per house and valet service.